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Support FAQ

To ensure that all Enviromon customers can operate their Base Units and Smart Sensors effectively, we provide a selection of frequently asked questions often addressed by our technical support staff. If you’re not yet an Enviromon customer, check out our Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions for more generalized queries encountered by our sales team during the decision-making process.

Questions Regarding IP Configuration:

Check if the red LED on the Base Unit is steadily lit, indicating a stable power supply.
Ensure proper connection with the LAN/network/Patch cable by checking the green LED, which should be steadily lit.
If using IPSet.exe, note that it won’t function across routers but will work across switches and hubs. Consider connecting directly to the Base Unit using a crossover cable for optimal setup.

The default factory-assigned IP is

Yes! Follow these steps:
Find the IP address of your network adapter using the “ipconfig” command.
Add the sensorProbe’s IP address to the routing table and ARP table.
Ping the sensorProbe’s IP to check connectivity.

Yes, you can access the web interface by entering the IP in your browser.

Disable proxy settings in your browser, as they may be preventing access to the device.
Ensure that both micro code and html code updates are performed after a firmware update.

The MAC address is located on the bottom cover, in the web interface under the Network page, or when using IPSet in Automatically Get MAC mode.

General Inquiries:

The MIB file is available on our Firmware & Downloads page. I cannot set the device to send mails. Check SMTP server, mail settings, timeout period, gateway IP, mail from address, mail server responsiveness, validation, and firewall settings. I cannot login to the device. Ensure the correct password is entered and hasn’t been changed by another user. I’m not able to change the settings in the device. Log in as an administrator to make changes.

Contact Enviromon’s Customer Support with the MAC address of your device.

This occurs when the device cannot find the entered IP; it reverts to the default if not found.
Yes, a one-year global limited warranty is provided on all AKCP products, with an additional one-year warranty available for an extra 20% of the list price.