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About Us

Corporate Overview, Enviromon.net

Enviromon is a Division of Netmon Inc and has been the North American Distributor for AKCP Environmental Monitoring Products since 2010. We are much more than a Product Distributor. Enviromon is the North American leader in providing SNMP-based wired and wireless monitoring and alert management solutions and also provides all technical support for North American customers.
Your company or business probably owns infrastructure, goods and other critical / important assets that ensure your business operates. Most of this infrastructure and these assets are sensitive to environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, water presence or other leakages to only name a few.

Natural Occurrences

In order to protect your Company’s assets and infrastructure in case of equipment malfunctions and / or natural occurrences, Enviromon has been providing easy to use Environmental Monitoring Solutions manufactured by AKCP to measure, track and most importantly, alert you in case of critical or unfavorable conditions occur in your environment.

This can very well be the difference between a little down time and a complete disaster for your company.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide environmental monitoring solutions for many different types of industries and offer fully customizable solutions to fit your needs.

Here are some examples of the type of industries utilizing AKCP Environmental products in protecting their infrastructure and assets from environmental mishaps.

Discover peace of mind and substantial savings with Enviromon—the game-changer in safeguarding your business.

Step into a realm of cutting-edge hardware and software, proudly crafted by AKCP, designed to seamlessly monitor, and record a spectrum of environmental variables tailored to your preferences. From temperature and humidity to air flow, voltage detection, water presence, and power monitoring—Enviromon keeps you informed in real time.

Picture this: the moment any condition surpasses your predefined parameters, our system springs into action, triggering alerts through visual or audible cues via strobes and sirens right at your business. Alternatively, receive instant notifications through Email and SMS, ensuring you’re in the know, no matter where you are.

But that’s not all. Experience the flexibility of managing sensors and their data on the go with AKCPro Central Monitoring & Management software. Effortlessly oversee multiple locations through a user-friendly web interface, all from the palm of your hand.

And here’s the cherry on top—dive into historical data, empowering you to analyze and track week-by-week changes in conditions. With Enviromon, not only do we help you avoid disasters, but we also provide the insights you need to keep everything in perfect order. Welcome to a safer, smarter way of doing business.